Sunday, January 17, 2010

Decadent And Depraved

Decadent and Depraved tonight, 10PM to Midnight on WRFN

Here is our playlist from last week Jan. 10th 2010:
Can - "Pinch" - Ege Bamyasi
Magik Markers - The Diamond Guitar of Tico Feo" - Tour Split with Sic Alps
Speed Glue & Shinki - "Big Headed Woman" - Speed Glue & Shinki
Amen Dunes - "Amen Dunes" - Dia
Flowers Corsano Duo - "Earth" - The Radiant Mirror
Spacemen 3 - "Hey Man" - Sound of Confusion
Sun City Girls - "Space Prophet Dogon" - Torch of the Mystics
MiddleSex - "Unclean Yawn" - Split with Temperatures
Boredoms - "Super Ae" - Super Ae
Sonic Youth - "Intro" + "Brave Men Run in My Family" - Bad Moon Rising
Cave - "Gamm" - Psychic Psummer
Purling Hiss - "Almost Washed My Hair" - Purling Hiss
La Otracina - "Nine Times the Color Red Explodes Like Heated Blood" - Tonal Eclipse of the One
Dead C - "Plains" - Secrets
Albert Ayler - "The Truth is Marching In" - Live in Greenwich:The Complete Impulse! Recordings

And here is the link to WRFN again incase you want to stream us on the net:WRFN
Or if you live in West Nashville tune us in on your radio dial at 107.1FM.

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