Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goldrush Review

Sweet review of our Goldrush Fest. set from Alt. weekly Westword.
Here is what they had to say:

The duo Ttotals from Nashville provided a great example of what you can do if you're not locked into genre conventions. The core of the music included great, yet slightly weird, blues-based rock and roll -- what the band calls "outer blues," like space rock done by Greg Sage. Marty Linville triggered beats and other loops before and while playing drums (sans kick), and Brian Miles laid out gritty but paradoxically spacious guitar lines that definitely fit into an identifiably rock sound, but in a way that seemed exciting rather than worn thin by overuse.
Miles was wearing a Flying Nun Records T-shirt, so he is clearly inspired by the left-field rock and roll of all those great New Zealand bands. Mid-set, Ttotals played the spiky-psych-groovy "Over the Years" from its excellent new ten-inch Silver on Black. It was an impactful, emotive, visceral performance. Definitely recommended for anyone into the Black Angels, any of the aforementioned bands and Pink Reason. Ttotals just had that kind of raw, borderline spooky edge informed by gorgeously expansive melodies possessed by anyone making relevant rock and roll these days.

Pretty sweet, Don't you think? In other news. We will be hitting the road again this time playing the Twin Lakes Record showcase at the STPPfest in DC. Very honored to be ask by by our friend Micheal at Twin Lakes to play. We will also be playing Richmond, Wilmington, New York and Philly. More details about those dates in the coming days. Gonna be a blast and we will see all ya'll soon.

Monday, September 24, 2012

GoldRush 2012

A few pics from our Denver, Co show. Thanks to all who came to the Deerpile and GoldRush 2012. We had a great time and appreciate everyone involved. Special thanks to Crawford. We hope to get back to Denver soon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goldrush is On!

We stopped in Lawrence,KS on our way to Denver and got a picture in front of Burroughs' house. Pretty appropriate don't you think? Anyway... We got into Denver and hung at the Deerpile and had a good time with John and Evan from Barnowl. Really nice guys and really down with the outer blues. Hope to see you all tonight for our show. Looking at you Rover.