Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Good News and Some Bad News

The Good News is. We got us a fabo review over at Agitated Atmosphere. This is what they had to say: Nashville duo Ttotals may not be of classic mold but their psychedelic and shoegaze influences permeate all 18 minutes of the band’s official debut, annimal skkulls. Release via Tennessee 3-inch specialists, Kimberly Dawn, the 4 songs that constitute annimal skkulls demonstrate the continued power of rock and roll. Granted, Ttotals rip asunder the old blueprint with a stoner cool and a punk aggression that any grizzled rock vet can appreciate but underneath the recognizable exterior lays a beast of an unidentifiable stripe. The lazy grind of “Portrait of a Man,” the sloppy grunge of “Take Care of Me,” and mathematical kraut of “Upon Some Action” are all comforting touchstones that also prove out as fantastical portals to territories left untouched by the history of rock; lands ready for the caress of Ttotals. You may have missed out on the album’s initial run but Ttotals promise a 12-inch vinyl release soon, so the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your childhood punk (slightly skewed) is rapidly approaching. Prepare yourself before you’re run over by the Mack truck.

And now for the Bad news. Unfortunately Cloudland Canyon won't be joining us tomorrow night. They said their drummer had left them earlier this week and that they found a replacement, but have not worked up enough songs to be ready for the show on Saturday. So... We decided to ask a few friends to play with us. Square People and Cody Gaisser will be joining us tomorrow. Everybody come out and have fun and help us be merry pranksters.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Show Time

So smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nice Review

We got us a sweet review via FOXY DIGITALIS and this is what they had to say:
Ttotals "Annimal Skkulls"
Kimberly Dawn

Ttotals are a duo from Nashville, TN. "Annimal Skkulls" is their debut release, and on it they play rock music, utilizing basic elements like guitars and drums to make their sound. Don't let that fool you, though, because all sorts of delayed vocals, feedback, and snippets of sampler swirl around the interior of their strum-n-chug. The band's penchant for rocking out while simultaneously sounding pleasantly dazed and distant reminds me at times of Sic Alps, while their sense of cathartic release calls to mind bands like the Feelies or Polvo.

The disc blazes to life with "Take Care of Me", as a quick skirl of feedback is annihilated by drummer Marty's raucous kick-in. The band settles into a determined, swinging stomp behind soaring, THC-drenched vocals. A quick slowdown follows--both "String of Life" and "Portrait of ao Man" are spacious, murky, and shambolic, the delayed voice of singer Brian hovering over each song's trundling rhythms and wobbly guitars--enabling Ttotals to demonstrate their skill with slower material. Disc closer "Upon Some Action" brushes up against the edges of krautrock as it rolls off into the sunset, sounding like a meeting in the desert between Neu! and the Meat Puppets.

"Annimal Skkulls" is a tightly-woven debut, a warm analog broth of good songs and good playing. Another good release for a good label--see if you can find a copy before it goes away.
8/10 -- Mike Griffin (19 May, 2010)

To bad they are all gone, but we have some good news on the horizon. This here little beauty will be available very soon as a 12". We just gotta get her into URP. We are expecting to have it out in time for our west coast tour in August. Which we must say that almost all the dates are in. We also have a couple of shows right around the corner. Saturday May 29th with Cloudland Canyon and 84001 at Betty's. Then on Thursday June 3 with 84001 and Pimlo at Little Hamilton. Both shows should not be missed.