Sunday, February 28, 2010

So it's back to being a duo. Well... We think it's back to being a duo. It has been hard to find someone to believe in what we do just as much as us. There isn't any hard feelings or anything. We are just disappointed that we wasted some time and energy on people who were not into rock terminology. We speak in rock terms, so deal with it!!! There is some good news on the horizon. Our little cd will be coming out very soon on KIM DAWN RECORDINGS. It is going to be a fucking beast and will surround your brain with colors and feedback damage. Be on the lookout for a release show in the very near future.

Speaking of shows. We have a show coming up with Home Blitz and Deluxin at Lil Hamilton on March 24th. Should be a good time. We gotta get back in the saddle and throw down at some shows. We are both itching to get back to it. We have a whole summer of fun planned. And we will be back to tell everyone about it when the events and happenings take place. Bye for now.

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