Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Show and a Release

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have an exciting show coming up on Jan.15th with our friends Goahead and our soon to be friends The Spooks from Philadelphia. This will all go down on the eastside at Dino's. We also have some more good news about our up coming release. I'm sure you remember me saying something about our friend Frank's label,KIM DAWN RECORDINGS, a few months back. Well, we finally got our shit together and we will have a limited 3"cdr release coming very shortly in the new year. We hope to have a few for the above mentioned show, but not sure if all the stars are gonna align for that to happen. I guess you will just have to show up and find out at the show. We have been working hard on the covers, which is another hand printed design. And also has a tentative name of Annimal Skkulls for it. All the songs were recorded over at Battletapes last spring when we were still a young and earnest duo. We will be venturing back over to Battletapes to do some more recording as a trio very soon. We don't want to let the cat outta the bag, but two thousand and ten is gonna be a fun and full year for us in this here band. We have big plans and big dreams to fulfill this year. Just hope we get to do everything we set out to do.

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