Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yup, Got 'em just in time.

Our new tape just came to us today. Released by our good friend Lee Noble who does all things on No Kings Tapes. For all those that have not been paying attention (and we know who you are) it is from our little in-store at Grady's Record Refuge from our 1st tour-cation last summer. Grady is one awesome guy and if you find yourself in Ventura, CA stop by his record store and buy some records. He also played in the great bands Monoshock and Liquor Ball and now plays in the Bad Trips and International Hello. Mighty fine resume in our book. We will have these cassettes for our trek north to D.C. and back. You can also get 'em from No Kings for $6 postage paid. Just click the link above. We are also looking forward to meeting Megan from Fuzzy Logic. We will be talking about effect pedals and drumming with her, stay tuned for that one. And, well, stay tuned for all updates from the road and such. See you all at the shows or when we get back.

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