Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No internets for days.

Have not found a Wifi connection until now. We are on some internet withdrawl and barely hanging on. Jesus, how did we live without this shit... We found this weird and kinda cryptic message in a book at a restaurant the other morning. Something along the lines of "I met my mother in 1958 and had to be convinced she was not my sister", wow, was it a case of teen pregnancy? Or was it the ramblings of a drunken and hopped up glue freak? We guess; the truth will never be known. Also we stayed in this crazy Days Inn when we passed through Bristol. People living out of it and acting really creepy. It was a family of about twenty people. Not kidding. It was a crazy scene. We were loading up the van and almost got caught up in the melee the next morning. We had to pass through them several times. All of them still in their pajamas and getting in little spats on the sidewalk outside of their 4 adjoining rooms.
Right now we are in Williamsburg. Staying with some friends, eating BBQ and hanging out by the pool. Soooooo nice! Stay tuned for some record finds and pics of our show in D.C. tomorrow night.

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