Sunday, October 24, 2010

Got us a fair review...

We got us a fair review by the guy that does Dusted Magazine's "Still Single". Here is the link and what Doug had to say: STILL SINGLE
Plodding Southern guitar/drums duo, going for some sort of big serious sound in a compact lineup – turns out this is what happened to Heathern Haints, who were also pretty interesting. Singer guy sounds like Michael Stipe, they get some big sounds and seem to will back slower music as it existed in the early ‘90s – maybe not Codeine or Idaho slow, but introspective in its volume and careful in its presentation. Definitely on the indie rock spectrum, and a fair release; this band sounds like they have the stuff to improve, and they can only do so as their confidence and skills ramp up. Nice looking record either way – yellow vinyl, two-colored silkscreen flat for the cover.
(Doug Mosurock)

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