Tuesday, December 17, 2013

infinite eight

some of ya'll know we are record hounds and go out of way to shop at really great record stores around the country. we really love supporting record stores and buying records. it is sort of like job security in a way. anyway... so, here is brian's infinite eight of 2013. these are just his humble opinions and you should take them with a grain of salt. there are so many great records and bands in the world and these are the sounds that have caught his ear this year. we try really hard to turn people on to good records and sounds. sometimes you just can't tell a motherfucker anything. do not be that person, okay? open your heart and ears and you might just find something you like.
1. hookworms - pearl mystic (lp) this record has not wandered far from my turntable since i got it. wow, this beauty just haunts and bangs my brain so good that i flip it back over and put the arm down and start from the beginning time after time. i always hear something different ever time i hear this piece of wax and indulge in the the grooves.
2. roky erickson - the evil one (reissue lp) this is a reissue, but some of us were not lucky enough to be of age and/or record bin savy enough to get it the first time around. these songs have stood the test of time. killer in 1981 and still killer today. rocky even still performs these really great live. i feel he is way more comfortable with his solo stuff then the elevators songs these days. just the mention of a few songs will just put everything in to perspective; two-headed dog, walk like a zombie and don't slander me. you get the picture.
3.destruction unit - deep trip (lp) these guys are from arizona? bullshit! well they are. how does something this good come out of the deserts of arizona? these dudes must have some awesome blaze and not only from the sun, if you know what i'm sayin.
4. night beats - sonic bloom (lp)
when i first saw this record i thought it was called sonic boom. which i was like, whoa, kick ass! when it came in the mail. i met my mailman with open arms, ran inside, stuck it on the ole kenwood and quickly discovered it was called sonic bloom. which makes it so much better and made a lot more since. good to see these seattle boys branching out with some fender rhodes and sax. a little black lips and stooges vibe here, very nice.
5. brujas del sol - moonliner (download) just got turned onto this band via pat of creepoid and the sisters of your sunshine vapor guys. real killer band from columbus, ohio. deep grooves abound. sit back and let the sounds wash over you. real awesome late night driving vibes. gonna be a hit in the van this coming year. turn it up!
6. moonrises - frozen altars (download) steven krakow's new group. if you've never heard of this gent. you need to familiarize yourself pretty quick. fronts plasticcrimewave in all it's different incarnations and does the killer galactic zoo dossier zine. moonrises reminds me of a linda bruner fronted can or lighter, ether filled acid mothers. if this statement doesn't entice you to listen, well, you are reading the wrong list. damn good.
7. cosmonauts - persona non grata (download) was not quick enough for the lp(sold out). diggin the bell like guitar tones here on this 2013 offering from these califonia sons all the same. don't get me wrong i dig the super garage fuzz of their early outings, but this is killer. sounds like they have matured a little in my humble opinion. and let the golden sun's rays drip through them guitars and amps. this one makes me feel all warm inside and yearn for summer's sun.
8. nest egg - demonstrational cassette volume 1 (download) psych and krautrock deep grooves from asheville, nc. formed out of the ashes or is it a side project of a couple of soft opening guys. hope its not the end of soft opening, but if it is. this is the right place to pick up from and lock into and push forward even more. hope to hear more from 'em.

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