Wednesday, November 13, 2013

RevYo on the TermBo

Got us a nice little review for "Spectrums of Light" over on the Terminal Boredom site. Not our usual crowd to get a like from, but seems they dig it. Despite a few overlooked things in our opinion. We ain't gonna complain. A thumbs up is a thumbs up. Thanks ya'll, much appreciated. We do try hard and play rock n' roll. Here's what they had to say:
“Sometimes Just As You Are” is a slow burner/dick swinger that melds abrasive sonic shards onto some dank stylized noir. The quiet to loud dynamics are pushed to the limits as sparse thump and atmospheric creep gets pulverized under the abrasive chorus noise. Ttotals sounds as if they’re working out woes in an actual alleyway drenched in reverb and not just shut in a studio filled with cheap digital gear. Simple and effective. “Tricks Of The Light” rollicks in a moody batcave blues that really crawls on ya’. Imagine taking the drink away from Gallon Drunk or stripping The Flaming Stars down to their bare gristly essentials and you’d get something like this. Funny, I learned just minutes ago those two acts were related. Well, Ttotals might dangle from their hanging tree…Haunting shit that still ain’t afraid to rock. Released on Twin Lakes, which is also home to Michael Beach and Electric Jellyfish. That all makes a hell of a lot of sense too. Dead cool. (RSF)
In other news we have a show coming up this weekend at Elberta House. Gonna be a good one! We will be hosting our friends from RVA, Canary Oh Canary and finally playing with our new friends Onri. Hope to see all your faces there. This is our last one for the year, so we hope it will be a good. Cause we start work on our tentatively named "Let Everything Come Through" full length in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more news on that subject soon.

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