Friday, June 21, 2013

Let us bring the Light...

We have a few shows coming up. Playing with Lorelle Meets the Obsolete June 22nd down in Memphis at Spottswood House. Gonna be a great time! Then we will be in Cincinnati at the Comet playing with Homemade Drugs. Then the next night in Chicago at the Ottoman Empire playing with our awesome friends Moonrises. Both of those shows are on June 28th and 29th. Dig Deep Light show will be in full effect for the Cincy and Windy City shows. Hope to see all our friends out.
 In other news our Twin Lakes 7" has been selling pretty damn well. Not tooting our own horn just stating the truth. We have just a few of them left as a band, so you better get yours soon before they are gone. Speaking of Spectrums of Light. Its been getting so many great reviews and we really appreciate all those people who have been kind enough to say something about it. Special thanks goes out to Aquarius Records, Styrofoam Drone, Permanent Records and Slyvinyl. Much thanks!  Stay tuned for our happenings in July. We will see you all soon. And Happy Solstice Everyone!

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