Friday, October 12, 2012

Electrick Gypsy Service Sessions

Had us a great time in NYC this past week. Even though our show fell through. Thanks to everyone that tried to help us out. A special thanks to our good friend Selvig way over on the left coast. That one almost came through.

We definitely didn't waste our time. Our good friend Andy Plovnick recorded us over at his Electrick Gypsy Service . We threw down 3 songs and just let 'em happen. We've been playin' these in our set for a while and it just felt natural to get 'em down on tape. All three of us thought the sessions went great. Can not wait for them to see the light of day. So, who wants 'em? Andy also has a really great band called Lead Stones . Check them out too.

Headed to Philly for our final show. Hope to see all our Philly friends out.

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