Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tourcation 2012 part 1

Had a blast while on tour earlier this month. Special Thank You's go out to Miss Fuzzy Logic and Paperhaus for helping our show in D.C. come together. We had an awesome time with the Drains and Thee Lolitas. Huge Thanks to The Diamond Center, Creepoid and Canary Oh Canary for making our Richmond show the best we have ever played. Also Marty at Steady Sounds was a very good to us. Thank You for hosting our in-store. And a Thank You to Brian of Dirty Richmond for hosting our in-store as well. Much thanks to Malatese and The Mansion in Harrisonburg for kicking off our tour and making a swell time too.


  1. Super psyched to have been a part of the Tourcation. xoxo

  2. Also, you need a Chocolate City label, friends.