Friday, October 14, 2011

NYC and the English Lady

Had a great week out on the road. D.C. STPP fest was quite killer with a ton of great bands. Thanks to Megan/Fuzzy Logic for asking us to play. Hugs and smooches girl until we meet next time. We made nice with some new friends and played a great back to back set with Diamond Center. We will be playing again with those folks and Willie T next week at Springwater on October 19th. Death By Audio was another great show too. Pics above of the event were taken by our good friend Andy Alexander. When we first got to New York after going through, I don't know how many, toll booths. Our English Lady and GPS took us on a trek around Manhattan. First through the Holland Tunnel and then over into Manhattan and then the East Village. Navigating New York was a challenge. The challenge was excepted and was then conquered. Soon we parked the van by MOMA PS1 and were walking around and full of pizza. We also got to hang out on the roof where we were staying and took in all the city. It was quite beautiful. Thanks everyone for having us and helping our days in D.C. and New York very enjoyable.

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