Tuesday, August 23, 2011

House Show and BBQ at Noa Noa

Had us a fine BBQ and going away party for our Lil' Brother Tim the other night at Noa Noa House. Ben Spinks Supermelt killed and Solstices peeled some skulls back. It was a fine goodbye for our Little Brother. We will miss you, but we know you have moved on to finer things. Have a fine time in Charlottesville and we will see you soon.

On the horizon for us are a few things. One being a show on September 9th at the Springwater with the fine lads in Horsehair Everywhere, new comrads Y/y from NYC and a 84001 side project called Triplefin. Featuring the lovely and infamous Tim Carey. Our second leg of Tour-cation Part 2 is shaping up and we will have details closer to time we leave, so stay tuned.
All Photos by Sarah McDonald.

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