Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview Time

We have a feature interview over at What Duvet Said right now. The Duvet is a San Francisco based blog and music podcast. They came out last summer to see us at the Hemlock and had very nice things to say after the show. Glad we could get back in touch with one another and make this happen. We appreciate it very much. So, check out the interview and download the podcast. We also have a couple of shows on the horizon, so get out your calendars. First up is June 30th with our Phillie based friends Creepoid and The Altered Statesman. We think this one is going to be at the Basement. The other one is going to be at our familiar stomping grounds of Betty's on July 30. This one is going to be with The Frustrations and our very good friends Square People. So mark 'em down because we expect everyone to be there.

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