Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Hands Are Lightning

We have some explaining to do on why we've been away for so long. Short story is... We were getting our shit together. Slinging sounds around and getting our heads in the right place. Sometimes that is so hard to do. Especially after 4 or 5 hard months of just plain ole living and trying to make ends meet. In these past few months. We tried out a couple of different playas, but to no avail. They just didn't seem right. Personalities clashed, we are some smart-asses, and flakes flaked. Then we tried out "The Peev" and it was like an old friend coming back home. Which it was. Some people will be surprised, but this was a natural progression for us former Heathern Hainters. Some heavy psych noise is on its way out into the world.

Which all this brings us to our debut show. We will be playing at Sky House on June 7th with our friend Ancient Ocean. We are really excited to play with him as he tours in support of the split 12" single with our other friends 84001. Can not wait to hear it. We hope to see everyone at the show and stay tuned. We will have some sounds soon. We just haven't had the time to record yet, but we hope to have that rectified. And you know what that means. Another 12" will be brought into the world. Hold your friends close because they will always be there to support you. Stay positive in these trying times.

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